Sunday, November 04, 2007

Less than meets the eye

Wherever there is a "crisis", there is a well entrenched government program responsible for the problem. Thomas Sowell cited just three examples among recent "crises": wildfires, housing affordability, and water shortages.

But it is actually a very long list. Healthcare and education surely belong near the top. Each has been heavily politiczed for many years and each has its problems. The irony that Sowell dwells on involves the widespread impulse to seek "solutions" via more politics. Very few critics consider the possible merits of less politics. Let people choose where they want to spend whatever refund is due them from government.

In light of all the confusion, it is good to have Prof Greg Mankiw's clarifications in this morning's NY Times ("Beyond Those Health Care Numbers"). He notes that better Canadian health readings, 47-millions "uninsured" and ever greater amounts spent on health care by Americans are three factoids that demand examination. Each time, there is less than meets the eye.