Monday, November 19, 2007

Out of the mouths of adults

Russel Roberts writes about Why We Trade in Foreign Policy. It is all common sense but miles from what one hears from the presidential candidates. The politicians may have dumped the rhetoric that romanticizes socialism; they have even moved beyond "liberal" and are now "progressive" but the programs that they prescribe all involve a larger role for the state. Bastiat noted that government is the illusion that all could live at the expense of everyone else. Silly as that sounds, it is at the core of so many current proposals.

Last night's Sixty Minutes included an episode that seemed to take seriously the efforts of the New York City health commissioner to "take on" the fast-food chains, get them to be more up front about caloric content, and strike at widespread obesity.

Actually, undisciplined adults will always find ways to stuff themselves. And there is little that the health commissioner can do about it.