Sunday, July 06, 2008

American red meats on the 4th

Not only is red wine consumption healthy, but it should be taken with red meat to mitigate some of meat's toxic effects. This from The Economist (July 5) "Of sommeliers and stomachs ... Red wine exercises benefits before it enters the bloodstream."

What little red meat I cosnsume these days is bison meat. It's as easy to get online as the beef.

Brad Hill points me to PERC research on bison ranching ("Bisonomics"). It seems that Ted Turner does it better than the native Americans ever did. European settlers replaced the bison herds that had long been roaming North America with cattle. In hindsight, that may have not been necessary. It seems that we have finally learned bison ranching. And bison steak is less toxic than the steaks and hamburgers we had grown up with.

And which red wines go best with bison burgers? Not surprisingly, Malbecs and a few others do very well.