Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Semi-legalization in California

While much has been written about the drug culture, the gray area created by California's pot legalization has (to my knowledge) received little attention in the popular press. This week's New Yorker includes the excellent "Dr. Kush: How medical marijuana is transforming the pot industry."

Legalization is an appealing idea and when opponents dissatisfied with the "theory" ask for examples, there are few available. The Dr. Kush story is helpful. Some readers may not find the (depicted) characters that populate the transformed pot industry appealing, but that's not relevant. There are many subcultures that we may or may not have a passing acquaintance with, but we can seemingly all get along if and when there is decriminalization.

Besides the people described in the story are more sympathetic than the ones we see when we tune in Cops.