Tuesday, May 05, 2009

No shame

This is an old theme, but it cannot be ignored. Those who make a career of bleeding for "inequity" in America are culpable (and hypocritical) via their support of the education establishment. At least Arlen Specter was up-front on what it's all about.

Last Sunday's LA Times included this story about the impossibility of firing incomptent (and worse) LA public school teachers. The details of the story are chilling. Today's Times follow-up editorial mentions that, "Striking a balance between students' rights and legitimate job protection can be tricky, but it is also achievable." Huh? And who will do all this?

Today's WSJ calls attention to who in Washington DC opt to send their own kids to private (or suburban) schools, but work hard to take a few meager vouchers away from poor families. (Here is another take from today's WSJ)

I know the story. The much preferred way to "help" the riff-raff is to funnel more public money to corrupt and incompetent big-city school districts. Politicians do know how to count votes.