Saturday, March 05, 2011

Freedom? Austerity? Naw!

Once people have enough money, they want a car. This is an international story. Dargay and Gately have been documenting it for some years. People do like the freedom that goes with amazing range and mobility.

As a result, cities keep suburbanizing. Wendell Cox has been keeping an eye on 2010 U.S. Census data which show that the trend continues.

Paul Krugman thinks that it's all a huge mistake. People are actually freer when they choose trains.

George Will notes that trains are not really chosen by many people any more, but those who know better want to make that choice for them.

In fact, the State of Florida had to go to the State's Supreme Court to be allowed to turn down the Obama Administration's (one not yet bitten by the austerity bug) generosity towards helping that State get going on high-speed rail.

It is becoming very hard to resist Will's interpretation.