Friday, October 07, 2011

Today's populists

The WSJ's editorial writers could not pass up "Jobs and Jobs", combining tribute to Steve Jobs with commentary on the state of the economy.  I have been scooped again!

In the age of ubiquitous photography, Flickr, Facebook the images from Occupy Wall Street will remain available.  Social historians will be able to mine these some day.  One protestor held up a simple sign that said "We Need Good Jobs."  Yes, they do.  I see that a $20 minium wage proposal is on the minds of some.  That should do it.

It's pretty clear that people like Steve Jobs created "good jobs" in abundance.  So, how do we get more such activity?  Do any of the "jobs bills" that we are likely to see help or hurt in that direction?  How about the proposed taxes on "the rich"?  I have no idea how qualified the sign-holder is for one of these "good jobs", but the odds are not good.

The same issue of the WSJ headlines "Democrats' Populist Puzzle."   Populist movements are a fact of life.  In 2010, Republicans (for the most part) managed to benefit from their Tea Party populist movement.  Will Democrats have similar good fortune with this latest populist manifestation?  That would be interesting.  I would not mind being a fly on the wall as this one is being batted around.