Saturday, February 18, 2012

Assortative mating for the good

I accept the fact that our ancestors had good reason to become social and tribal in the hunter-gatherer days.  But tribalism does much more harm than good in the modern world.  And many of us have finally learned to place trust in people beyond the family, clan and tribe.  I expect that the positive trend will continue.  I only hope it accelerates.

I have just read Robert Guest's Borderless Economics which I enjoyed a lot.  Guest's book illustrates the points on tribalism and trust better than anything I have seen in a while.  When I have the time, I may write a longer review.

Yesterday's WSJ included "More Marriages Cross Race, Ethnicity Lines."  I like reports like this.  The trend may one day put opportunists who obsess over race and racial quotas out of business. 

And look at this:  "Interracial Couples Who Make the Most Money".  Yes, the cause and effect are complex -- as is assortative mating.