Monday, February 27, 2012

The beat goes on (and on)

This morning's LA Times includes another story of bus service cut-backs necessitated by the Los Angeles MTA's diversion of funds to it's rail projects ("Cuts in MTA bus line serving Westside LA workers who live in south LA").  The story mentions that this is another chapter of an old problem for the MTA.

Just over a week ago, the LA Times helpfully editorialized ("What to do about $4 gas"). That piece included this gem:
A world of alternatives to the internal combustion engine is flowering, and complaining about the cost is pointless because there's something to fit every pocketbook: The very rich can buy high-performance electric sports cars made by new companies such as Tesla and Fisker, and those who can't or don't want to spend so much can ride public transportation, with Measure R-funded rail lines on the way in Los Angeles County.
I guess when people are in the grip of their own fantasy view of the world, they cannot be expected to spot the contradictions that pop up in their own newspaper.

But, far worse, many real people trying to get to work have to make do with the transit service made available to them.  Can one blame them for being just a little cynical about the quality of help they are getting from the folks who profess to represent them?