Monday, August 20, 2012

Pesky critters and trade-offs

It's easy to be critical of the "green jobs" mantra.  Free lunches are very rare. 

At the risk of a compound bad pun, I have to point to "To Battle Iguanas, Purto Rico has a New Plan: Put Them on Menu ... Overrun With Reptiles, Island Hopes to Export Their Meat ..." (WSJ, August 20). Yes, there are countries near Puerto Rico where people like to eat these green-toned critters. The story mentions that the export project would double as pest control and create jobs too.

Speaking of "green" it's not pretty when politicians talk about energy sources and espouse support for "all of the above".  Federal subsidies currently do support all of them, but in vastly different magnitudes.  Federal support for "none of the above" would be best.

The WSJ recently contrasted the various levels of federal support on a "dollars-per-megawatt-hour" basis.  Just looking at the extremes, oil and gas get $0.64 per megawatt-hour, but solar gets $775.64.  That's a ratio of 1212.

It's sad that "all of the above" sounds good on the stump and on the evening news.