Saturday, April 27, 2013

A hope

The Economist discusses auto industry "Gloom and Boom" and ends up very optimistic about driverless cars.  At Reason (June 2013 gated), Greg Beato writes about "Google's Driverless Future ... Will self-piloting vehicles rob us of the last of our privacy and autonomy? ... Buckle up, America! We're in for a safe, efficient and oppressively intrusive ride."  And one might say that our privacy is already a thing of the past. Most people have embraced smart phones and connectivity.

But as one who misses his stick-shift, I am reminded of Loren Lomasky's indispensible "Autonomy and Automobility."  Being in charge of our own mobility offers a very special and deeply appealing independence, unmatched at the price.

Is this where people will draw the line? Will not even Google and friends cross it?  One can hope.


But there are also some privacy surprises.  H/T Volokh Conspiracy