Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Laugh or cry? Laughing is better.

The daily "news" include a lot that is depressing.  But there are also the items you want to file in the "laugh-or-cry" department. 

Today's WSJ includes "White Hair, Wrinkles Aren't Valid ID At These Drinking Establishments ... Universal Carding, Flattering to Some, Aims to Halt Profiling: 'Record Was 96 Years Old'." I am not yet 96, but I do get carded once in a while.  Three themes from modern America are in play. As mentioned, there is the fear of "profiling". There is also some merchants' desire to adopt a fool-proof position in case the ID police drop in. Finally, even the dimmest employee can easily be taught to implement the simplest policies.

The condition of the roads where I live is abysmal and embarrassing. Public sector union-run L.A. is that way. But it seems that the UK has its own problems in that department.  Here is feminist icon Germaine Greer making the case (H/T Patrick Sullivan).  But Pat adds an important punchline: "Though she doesn't appear to be aware that the Millau Viaduct was built as a business venture. Which probably explains it being built on time, under budget and turning a profit, all the while being beautiful." He send us to this wonderful video.