Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ngram lessons

Dan Klein sent me "Ngrams of the Great Transformations" where he shows Ngram viewer put to good use.  I seem to have posted four Ngram posts (use search box at left if interested) in recent years.  Only four because once you start, you cannot stop. Here is "market failure" vs. "governement failure".  No real surprises.

What will we do once Google expands Ngram past 2008?  When did "liquidity trap" peak? How about "stimulus"? "Too big to fail"? "Stress test"? "Crony capitalism?" "Ninety-nine percent"? "Debt and growth"? The list goes on.

We have more facts more easily accessible than ever. Will all this good stuff prompt more good ideas? Dan's paper suggests that the answer is "yes."