Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Bay Area news

I have looked at the proposed Bay Area Plan (by the SF Bay Area MTC and ABAG) and can report it is awful. Cliche-ridden and uninformed are among its faults. Throw in counterproductive. Housing affordability and "equity" are often cited as goals but the land use proposals (greater density!) will have the opposite effect.

I can see the religious left (greens) going for it. They will be joined by connected developers who profit when limits are imposed. Reminds us of Bruce Yandle's B and B.

One shudders to think what was spent putting this mess together -- and how much will be spent to defend and see it through. This is all very sad.  But my friends at the Pacific Legal Foundation are making an effort to stand up for common sense.  Here is their introductory video. Here is their press release. Wish them luck.