Monday, October 26, 2015

What a question?

When Richard Nixon's lies were revealed via his telephone transcripts, he realized that he had to resign. When Hillary Clinton's lies were revealed via her emails, at U.S. House of Representatives hearings last week, her support (among true believers) grew. Here is today's Washington Post: "October has been very good to Clinton, who dominated the first Democratic debate and emerged unscathed from a pressure-laden congressional hearing on the terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya."  They do revert to the t-word.

Clinton's emails reveal that she did not believe what she was saying in public -- that the events at Benghazi were a "demonstration" prompted by an offensive video. It was in fact, she admitted privately but not off-line, a terrorist attack. An even bigger lie had to be promoted to re-elect Barack Obama -- that he was the leader who ends wars and that Al Qaeda was on the run.

Would the Clinton apologists have given Nixon a pass?  The Washington Post exposed Nixon and stayed on the case until his helicopter took off from the White House lawn. The Post's attention to the Clinton matter is pretty much as the story above indicates.