Friday, May 06, 2016

What to do?

When people don’t want to talk about the weather, many ask if I prefer Clinton or Trump.  It’s interesting that “none of the above” strikes many as odd.  “You have to vote”. "What if everyone had that attitude?" “It’s a precious right and a civic duty.” Young people learn about “democracy” and "majority rule"from a very early age.” But the fact that there is much more to it is seldom taught. The franchise recognizes the dignity of the individual and this is a great thing. But there are downsides that are on display every day – especially this election season.

Imagine buying cars the way we buy governments. Ten thousand people would get together and agree to vote, each for the car he preferred. Whichever car won, each of the ten thousand would have to buy it. It would not pay any of us to make any effort to find out which car was best; whatever I decide, my car is being picked for me by other members of the group. Under such institutions, the quality of cars would quickly decline. ...  David Friedman, The Machinery of Freedom (1995).

What can be done? Smaller government is my only answer. How do we get there? Re-charter every agency and every law every x years. Will the third-party candidate (whoever he/she is) please campaign on this platform so that it can at least have a shot at being discussed? The right candidate could bring it up before Charlie Rose and his audience. That would be a start.