Friday, July 03, 2020

Happy July 4

Tribalism is natural and often hideous. But over many years, it had been tamed – to some extent.

Every group has historical grievances. These are incited and nurtured by demagogues (mostly politicians) as a matter of course. They are even assisted by some who actually want to be seen as victims, very odd way to seek (and find) status.  Strange but apparently true.

Retrogressing, we get more tribalism. The consequences range from awful to catastrophic.

There is a new ingredient. Jonathan Haidt and Martin Gurri (and others) note that social media (especially “like” buttons and the re-tweet option) magnify the tendency to vilify and tribalize. We get more polarization, in politics, in media, in the arts.

Print media outlets have lost advertising revenue and pander for subscribers any way they can, including pushing tribalist themes. (NYT “1619 Project” and many more.)

Many elites have been cowed and/or displaced – with positive and negative consequences. Think about groupthink in schools and universities. Grievance studies. These elites lose credibility.
Can we right the ship? Various thinkers, including Haidt and Gurri and others, are pointing the way. 

Godspeed. Happy July 4.