Monday, July 24, 2006

It's hard and thankless work being the artistic and intellectual elite

"'Cookie-Cutter' Homes Suit Some Critics' Taste After All ... Yes, it's suburbia. But at 25, a Denver-area master-planned community is finally getting some respect -- if grudging ... HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. -- This is the biggest fastest-growing master-planned community in the nation. And quite possibly the most insulted ..." From this morning's LA Times.

I am trying to fight the impulse to poke fun, but failing. The story is just too good. The experts and the non-profit-advocacy types have finally caught up with the people who have made this the most successful community of its type.

Bob Bruegmann's work is cited. "Through the ages ... sprawl has drawn the derision of the urban elite. As row houses sprouted on the outskirts of Victorian London, for instance, 'the artistic and intellectual elite called them ugly little boxes, destroying the countryside, put up by greedy developers, ' Bruegmann said. Today those row houses are hailed as smart, even graceful urban design."