Thursday, July 27, 2006

Who killed the EV?

I have no plans to see Who Killed The Electric Car? but the reviews are not promising. Even worse is the praise from those who liked it which reveals a bottomless ignorance, not just about markets but also about what sort of evidence is required to make which sort of claim.

But, I have just read about the introduction of the Telsa, the Zenn, the Dynasty and the Xebra. "The Electric Car Gets Some Muscle ... Latest Models Go Faster, Further on a Single Charge, Sticker Price Up to $110,000 ... The elctric car is trying to shake its puttering image and be reborn as a futuristic high-speed sports vehicle ... " (WSJ, July 27, reg. req.).

This suggests an alternate theory (and movie). It was not big-auto-big-oil-big-pharma that killed the EV. Rather it was the likes of Tesla Motors Inc, Wrightspeep Inc., Phoenix Motorcars Inc. , etc.

Sequel to the current movie?