Saturday, July 08, 2006

Work to be done

Kimberly Strassel interviews Bjorn Lomborg ("Get Your Priorities Right") in today's WSJ. Lomborg is impressive, not just because of his research and his writing but also for his follow-up efforts to get the message delivered.

I recently blogged about David Warsh's Knowledge and the Wealth of Nations and reported my appreciation of a readable inside-baseball rendering of progress in modern economic science.

Yet, Lomborg's efforts to get grown ups to think about the simple stuff (trade-offs and scarcity, decisions at the margin, costs and benefits, etc.) is where the real action is.

One only has to look at today's NY Times ("How to Be a Good Neighbor")which includes an op-ed by NYU's Greg Grandin who wants the U.S. to urge a recount of Mexican votes because Lopez Obrador would renegotiate NAFTA so that Mexico could return to self-suffiency in beans and corn (!!!)