Saturday, December 23, 2006


Shelby Steele writes (in today's LA Times):

"Racism -- fact or faith? The truth is, in today's America, intolerance is no longer tolerated. ... we must acknowledge one of the most profound achievements in recent human history: the death of white supremacy. ... The great mistake Americans made after the civil rights victories of the 60's was to allow race to become a government-approved means to power. Here was the incentive to make racism into a faith."

We are now made to wallow in racial politics at every level and in almost every arena. Tribalism is ancient and destructive. When it recedes, when we are willing and able to hire and do business with people outside the clan or the family, we make great strides and reap great benefits all around.

Irving Kristol supposedly remarked, of Jews and gentiles in America, that they [gentiles] no longer want to murder us [Jews] but rather they want to marry us.

Perceptions are, of course, all of the map but I liked starting my day with Steele's column.