Sunday, June 08, 2008

"Highly educated"

Tyler Cowen writes about globalization in today's NY Times ("This Global Show Must Go On ... The push toward freer trade has reaped many benefits worldwide"). Of course. But we live in a Lou Dobbs world where, both, Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton, embraced protectionism. With all of the talk over history being made because one was a "minority" and the other a woman, much less was made of the fact that neither of them would do more than pander on the most important economic issue. And how many times has it been noted that Obama's base includes the "highly educated"?

The other piece that caught my eye in the same newspaper was the dicussion of the food fairs at modern major league baseball fields ("Buy Me Some Sushi and Baby Back Ribs ... Hot dogs and peanuts are still in the middle of the culinary lineup at major league ballparks, but the rising stars include crab cakes and endamame. You want champagne with that?"). The piece includes a list of quick hits and misses at the various parks' food outlets.

Some of the "highly educated" may be prompted to ponder the connections between these two pieces.