Thursday, February 18, 2010

I love LA

Good food is a wonderful thing. Spectacular international variety of good foods is even better. Here Jonathan Gold toasts some of what Los Angeles has to offer. He even gives a nod to urban planners:

Los Angeles, as urban planners are fond of telling us, is a constellation of a hundred languages and a thousand micro-ethnicities, a complex, Blade Runner–esque metropolis. Does such a postmodern city provide the road map for the future of American food? As a hungry native Angeleno, I can say, We should only be so lucky. —

But the critics often lament that LA is so "unplanned". As always, it depends on what you mean. Jane Jacobs (and many others) did have something to say about the kind of city you get when you stand back and let buyers and sellers do their thing. (H/T TMG).