Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New frontiers for twelve-step programs?

Adam Smith did not invent capitalism, but he explained it in ways that resonate. Joyce Appleby's The Relentless Revolution: A History of Capitalism does a splendid job of documenting the complex social and technological developments that occurred way before (and after) 1776. Her story shows the roots of the tensions and antipathies (and confusions) that we see to this day. Guy Sorman's Economics Does Not Lie re today's points and counterpoints brings the story up to date.

Sorman's words are cited in the yesterday's Bret Stephens column in the WSJ, "Europe's Crisis of Ideas". "All European economic policies are the cultural derivative of one dominant, nearly totalitarian statist idoelogy: the state is good, the market is bad." The column is about the Greek crisis and Greek Prime Minister Papanderou's musings that, "This is an attack on the euro zone by certain other interests, political and financial ..."

Tiger Woods took the path of admitting he has a problem. He did not blame "certain other interests." Twelve-step programs for certain heads of state?