Saturday, February 13, 2010


There are some changes on my film favorites list.

We all see and hear ads about "scientific" matching that the online dating services now offer. I have not used them (and am not in that market), but Netflix tries very hard to match me with movies. I have been a member for some years (and have rated 662 of their movies as of this morning). I have also seen that they have invested serious money in developing better matching algorithms. But no luck. Either I am too quirky or the algorithm they use is severely limited. They send me recommendations; they direct me to the suggestions and reviews of other members who have "similar" tastes; they predict how much I will like various films as I browse the Netflix site. But I think that I can count the number of successes via this process on one hand.

There are many reasons that I fervently hope my wife keeps me around. Add to that the perils of online matchmaking if it's anything like my Netflix movie matching experience.